Economic Development Training & Coaching

Thanks to our seasonned team of Economic Development Professionals, CIDEP is able to deliver a range of training and coaching services for Economic Development Agencies. Our experts, with proven track records in the Investment Attraction world, are providing tailored FDI Attraction strategies ranging from prioritazation of target sectors and territories, to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) determination, including establishing inventories of critical resources required to achieve stated objectives.

CIDEP also develops training programs designed for EDO’s leadership teams in order to empower them. CIDEP does this by providing your EDO team with a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) related to pipeline configuration, targeting, investments (results) calculations, Business Retention and Expansion (BRE), Customer Relation Management (CRM) and more.

What we can do for Economic Development Agencies:

  • In class and on-the-field Economic Development training and coaching
  • Customized training packages for your business development teams
  • Executive classes for EDOs Leadership teams

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Elie Farah
VP Strategy & Coaching



With us, you will experience a personalized service, a dedicated firm’s partner will always be in touch with you from A to Z to ensure the highest quality possible in every aspect.

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We have a complete transparency policy and we think that any material developped in the course of your service delivery is yours. We are happy to open the books for you and guide you through our craftmanship.

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All our team members are dedicate passionate people. We are Economics, International Relations and Sociology nerds combined with a deal closing abilities. We are happy to put our skills to the service of your community.

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